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Attendance Policy

BTSD is committed to increasing our student’s attendance in school.  Frequent absences of students disrupts the continuity of instruction in the classroom


Excused Absences:  A maximum of 15 days may be verified by parental notes during the school year.  All absences beyond 15 days shall require an excuse from a licensed physician for the rest of the school year. 


Absence Notes:  Absence notes are expected to be submitted to the school within 3 days upon the student’s return to school and will not be accepted more than 15 school days after the student’s return to school.  If the note is not submitted within the 15 day grace period, the absence will be declared unexcused.


Unexcused Absences:  If the parent fails to provide written verification of an absence when they return to school (15 day grace period) it is recorded as unexcused.  It is also considered unexcused once a parent is notified that his/her child has been absent for 15 days and that all future absences must have physician note, and they fail to provide a physician note. 


When Students Accumulate Absences:

  • Student Attendance Improvement Plan:  When a student accumulates 5 unexcused absences, a “Student Attendance Improvement Plan” is completed.  This plan is conducted between the student and the school social worker (Mrs. Joy).  The purpose of this plan is to improve school attendance. A copy of this plan is sent home to the parent/guardian the day the plan is completed.
  • Students who are absent 10 consecutive days shall be removed from active membership rolls unless legally excused or compulsory school attendance law prosecution is occurring.
  • Official First Notice can be issued after 3 unexcused absences (this certified letter informs parents of compulsory attendance law and warns them that any further unexcused absences can generate a citation without further warning).  Parents are only obligated to receive one official first notice within their child’s school career.
  • If a parent receives an official first notice and the child continues to be absent from school, a citation may be filed by the Home & School Visitor (Leslie Rothberg).  If a citation is filed, a court date is automatically set up.  The purpose of court is to get parents in front of the Judge and the Home & School Visitor to discuss the excessive absences and come up with creative ways to increase attendance.


Attendance Incentive Model (AIM):

     Clara Barton Elementary is excited to continue with our “Attendance Incentive Model” program.  We will be tracking classroom attendance and rewarding the classroom that has the highest percentage of perfect attendance at the end of each marking period.  The winning classroom will be recognized with great rewards such as a reading with therapy dogs, dance parties, etc.

     Tracking of attendance begins at the start of each marking period and ends the last day of each marking period.  Each class begins the marking period with a clean slate.  Remember, according to the Bristol Township School District Attendance Policy, students who arrive late and or leave early are not considered to be in perfect attendance. 

     The elementary school day is from 8:50 – 3:15 p.m.


* If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Joy McDonald at Joy.StickneyMcDonald@bristoltwpsd.org.  

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