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Developmental Differences Kindergarten through 2nd Grade



Some notes from the school


  • Young children learn at very different rates from preschool to age 8.  For example, some children can learn to decode words at age 4, and others at age 7.  These differences can also be seen in drawing, writing, counting, speaking, and following multi-step directions.  For this reason, it is important not to compare your child’s progress to his or her classmates.

  • Set aside time each day to read to your child, even after your child can read independently.  This places value on reading and exposes your child to more vocabulary.

  • Have a set bedtime.  Research shows that going to bed at different times every night throughout early childhood may disrupt healthy brain development and learning.  It also impacts behaviour and mood.

  • Take care of you!  Children are little sponges – model healthy relationships, stress management, and enjoy life.

  • Create a plan for all of that technology!  I also work in the middle school, and I’m seeing many students who play video games instead of doing homework (or sleeping).  Decide how you will set limits.

Love your kids; Love your partner; Encourage your kids to be self-reliant; Teach them to value learning; Lead a healthy lifestyle.

Above all, relax and enjoy the show. They won't be kids forever.

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