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Homework Policy

Clara Barton Elementary

Homework Policy


School Board Policy No. 1030

Home study is a necessary part of each student’s educational program. Each student is expected is expected to spend time in addition to scheduled class. Some assignments are long range and require advance planning, while others are less extensive.


Homework provides a vital home school connection. It allows your child to practice important skills, gain fluency and build knowledge and independence.  Homework allows you a view into your child’s day and learning.


Student Responsibilities


  1. Students will expect the best of themselves.
  2. Students are responsible for knowing what is assigned and bringing home the necessary materials.
  3. Students will complete the homework assignment. You are always encouraged to help as needed but not complete the assignment for the student.
  4. Students will complete homework carefully with their best work and hand it in on time.

Parent Responsibilities


  1. Expect the best from your child.
  2. Provide your child with a quiet place and adequate time to do homework.
  3. Check your child’s assignment book or sheet.  
  4. Encourage your child to do their homework carefully. Encourage good study habits.
  5. Congratulate a job well done.
  6. Provide consequences for work that is not done or done well.
  7. Contact your teacher if your child is having difficulty with a particular assignment or concept.


School Responsibilities

  1. Expect the best from every student.
  2. Assign homework every night. Reading is expected every night including weekends and holidays.
  3. Keep communication open between home and school.
  4. Teach the concepts practiced for homework.
  5. Provide direct instruction for study strategies.
  6. Congratulate students for a job well done.
  7. Provide consequences for incomplete or careless work.
  8. Contact parents when a child has not completed work or is completing work carelessly.





Students will forfeit free time to complete homework that is not finished or is not completed satisfactorily.


After 3 incompletes:

In addition to the forfeit of free time, there will be phone call home to discuss issues.


After 5 incompletes:

Parents will be invited to a conference with the principal.






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